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Farm to Feet

Technically the Best Trail Socks

Ask any hiker and they’ll tell you that the right pair of socks can make or break any trek, but knowing which socks best keep your feet protected, dry, and blister free can be difficult. Luckily, our Technical Trail Series has you covered.

Harper's Ferry

Providing comfort and high performance, our socks are crafted from the best American Merino wool. Moisture-wicking and bacteria-resistant by nature, Merino wool is the ultimate fiber for the experienced hiker indulging in world-class terrain. Although made with the expert adventurer in mind, these socks provide 100% comfort on and off the trail.

Max Patch

Technical Trail Series Features

Elite Wool for Elite Comfort

The soft, cushioned comfort is due to US-farmed, 19.5 micron Merino Wool specifically chosen for our Technical Trail Series.

Extreme Durability

Needle count guages overall strength in stitching. The higher the number, the more durable the socks. Your run-of-the-mill socks are woven with a needle count below 100. Our elite Technical Trail socks are made on our state of the art 200 needle knitting machines, the most sophisticated of any US manufacturer.

Uncompromised Comfort, Durability, and Performance

Proprietary Farm to Feet knitting technology uses the most advanced methods to produce multi-dimensional patterns for an expert balance of comfort, durability, and performance. From trail-running to alpine skiing, 3D Active Knit Technology™ fully supports your foot’s every move and curve.

Critical Protection for High Impact Areas

With a terry knit loop on each individual interior stitch, full-density targeted cushioning combines elite insulation, fast moisture absorption, and critical protection to high impact areas of the foot without bulk.

No More Excess Bulk and Blisters

Advanced knitting techniques create a completely flat connection in the toe box, reducing bulk and eliminating blister-generating friction.

LYCRA® Fiber

The Technical Trail Series socks are made with LYCRA® Fiber to ensure a comfortable fit.

Advanced Performance Boosting Construction

Hidden nylon plaiting creates a smooth exterior and a low-profile fit that is ideal for trail socks. Placing stretch yarns between two layers of body yarn, this modern knitting technique allows for complex patterns, open-weave zones, and intricate designs for both increased performance and style.

All Technical Trail Series socks are built with the same platform that started with our flagship sock - the Damascus. Just as no one trail is the same, our Technical Trail Series comes in different weights and designs.

The Damascus

Farm to Feet's signature sock, all of the Technical Trail Series is based on the footform of the Damascus. Available in a variety of heights and weights to suit your specific needs.


Max Patch - Light Targeted Cushion
Cascade Locks - Light Targeted Cushion
Blue Ridge - Light Targeted Cushion

Our Commitment to Making the Ultimate Trail Socks

Stitch by stitch, we’re committed to making the world’s ultimate trail socks. All of our socks are backed with a lifetime guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied with your pair, send it back to us and we’ll exchange the pair or refund you with proof of purchase from an authorized retailer.