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Farm to Feet

Damascus Trailblazer Bundle: 4 Pairs

3/4 CREW

Light Cushion

$ 86.40 $ 96.00

Damascus Trailblazer Bundle: 4 Pairs - Light Cushion
Damascus Trailblazer Bundle: 4 Pairs 3/4 CREW Light Cushion

Height: 3/4 Crew

Weight: Lightweight

Discover the Damascus Trailblazer Bundle, your one-way ticket to unrivaled hiking comfort and durability. Each pair in this four-pack is inspired by the scenic trails that crisscross the charming Virginia town of Damascus. Engineered to tackle even the most grueling miles, these lightweight 3/4 crew socks are a hiker's dream come true. Crafted from 19.5-micron American-sourced merino wool, each sock not only regulates temperature but also naturally resists odor. What sets them apart is the thoughtful engineering; featuring multi-channel ventilation and targeted cushioning in problem areas, making them the go-to choice for hikers and backpackers who prefer a mid-height sock. Invest in this bundle and set your feet on the path of ultimate hiking adventure.

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  • U.S. Merino Wool

    Merino wool is soft, itch-free, naturally odor- and bacteria-resistant, cool in the summer and warm in winter. We source our 100% U.S. grown merino wool exclusively from sheep raised by American farmers on American farms.

  • Light Cushion

    Cushion that is light in weight along the base of the foot only. This all-season construction is highly versatile.

  • 3/4 CREW

    A slightly shortened crew that fits just below the calf but above a hiking boot.

  • Seamless Toe Closure

    Advanced knitting techniques create a totally flat connection in the toe box, reducing bulk and eliminating blister-generating friction.

  • Durability Assured

    Reinforced construction and low-stress seam placement reduce wear and tear, increasing the life of the sock.

  • Ingredients

    Damascus - Light Targeted Cushion:
    52% US Nylon
    44% US Wool
    4% US LYCRA® Spandex

Recommended Care

Wash Me Less

To maintain the durability of your Farm To Feet™ socks and reduce energy use, machine wash in cold water and line dry or tumble dry with no heat.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with the durability or performance of your Farm To Feet™ socks, then please return them and request either:

1. A replacement pair
— or —
2. A refund with proof of purchase from an authorized retailer

All returned socks are recycled.

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