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Farm to Feet

All-American Bundle: 4 Pairs


Light Cushion

$ 85.50 $ 95.00

All-American Bundle: 4 Pairs - Light Cushion
All-American Bundle: 4 Pairs Assorted Light Cushion

Weight: Lightweight

Celebrate the spirit of America with our All American Bundle, a specially curated collection that showcases the best of American craftsmanship and the natural beauty of its landscapes. This bundle includes four pairs of socks: two variations of the Damascus in Charcoal and Total Eclipse, and one pair of the Philadelphia in Denim Blue Heather.

Damascus - Light Targeted Cushion: Drawing inspiration from the scenic trails of Damascus, Virginia, these socks are a hiker's dream. Engineered with 19.5-micron merino wool sourced from US ranchers, they feature advanced technology for temperature regulation, odor resistance, and targeted cushioning. The multiple ventilation channels and full-density cushioning in key areas provide durability and comfort for those who tread the rugged paths of America's great outdoors.

Philadelphia - Light Cushion: Reflecting the vibrant spirit of its namesake city, the Philadelphia crew socks blend comfort with style. Made from American merino wool, they're designed to keep your feet cozy and dry through all seasons. Embodying a mix of tradition and modernity, these socks are a timeless addition, perfect for those who appreciate the rich heritage and dynamic culture of American cities.

The All American Bundle is more than just socks; it's a tribute to the diverse landscapes and cities across the United States. Whether you're exploring the great outdoors or navigating the urban jungle, this bundle has you covered with the ultimate in comfort, style, and American-made quality.

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  • U.S. Merino Wool

    Merino wool is soft, itch-free, naturally odor- and bacteria-resistant, cool in the summer and warm in winter. We source our 100% U.S. grown merino wool exclusively from sheep raised by American farmers on American farms.

  • Light Cushion

    Cushion that is light in weight along the base of the foot only. This all-season construction is highly versatile.

  • Seamless Toe Closure

    Advanced knitting techniques create a totally flat connection in the toe box, reducing bulk and eliminating blister-generating friction.

  • Durability Assured

    Reinforced construction and low-stress seam placement reduce wear and tear, increasing the life of the sock.

  • Ingredients

    Damascus - Light Targeted Cushion:
    52% US Nylon
    44% US Wool
    4% US LYCRA® Spandex

    Philadelphia - Light Cushion:
    39% US NYLON

Recommended Care

Wash Me Less

To maintain the durability of your Farm To Feet™ socks and reduce energy use, machine wash in cold water and line dry or tumble dry with no heat.

We can’t claim that socks will last a lifetime, no sock will! However, if you are not completely satisfied with the durability or performance of your Farm to Feet® socks, then please follow the steps below and we will send you a replacement.

STEP 1. Fill out our Online Guarantee Form. We just have a couple questions for you!

STEP 2. Ship your CLEAN socks back to us. Include your name and Ticket ID #.

STEP 3. We will email you a code. You can use this on once we have your CLEAN socks in hand and your claim has been processed.

STEP 4. We will ship your new socks. This new pair of Satisfaction Guaranteed socks will ship to you for free!

Please visit our Satisfaction Guarantee page for more information about the return process.