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Farm to Feet

The Ultimate American Road Trip

The Ultimate American Road Trip

Catch up with Cees and Madison, as they check-in with us after traveling to 19 national parks and make their way to Alaska. Farm to Feet is proud to support these two diehard Idaho-based outdoor enthusiasts as they visit our Nations greatest treasures. 

Hey guys, this is Our Vie Adventures checking in!  For those of you who don’t know, we have teamed up with Farm to Feet to complete the ultimate american road trip - a tour to every National Park in the country!  It has been a wild ride so far.  We have made it to 19 parks throughout Utah, Nevada, California, Oregon and Washington.  We are currently on our way to Alaska to take on the parks of the north!

We just wanted to give you guys a little update of the adventures so far!  For more detailed versions of the parks, check out our blog at

Though pretty much impossible to choose, Sequoia National Park has been our favorite so far.  We loved being able to spend lots of time with the massive trees.
The big trees weren’t the only thing to see though - check out our new friend we saw hiking around the big tree groves!  Luckily for us he was pretty busy destroying the log looking for food.
It was Madison’s first bear experience! Such a beautiful animal.
We continued on our hike through the meadows.  We were very bear aware after our first encounter.  Someone had told us that there were a few bears near the meadow, but we never saw them.  I wonder if they saw us?
There is just something about the sunset through these trees that makes you feel different. It lifts your spirit in a way that is really difficult to describe. I want to say it is similar to how the big walls of Zion National Park make me feel, but there is something else about it. Perhaps it is the fact that these trees are alive and have been for thousands of years?
A couple of weeks ago in Lassen National Park, we hiked the park’s namesake, Lassen Peak.  There was still snow covering the whole trail even thought it was warm outside!  It was nice to have a good pair of socks to keep our toes warm!  The trail was only about five miles long, but it was straight up to the summit.
We left the trail head at about 6:30 with the goal to make it for sunset.  With 2.5 miles to the summit, we figured it was a reasonable goal. 
The setting sun made everything look celestial.  I mean, doesn’t Madison look like an angel-human here?!
We had a blast on top of this mountain. It was so beautiful, we were giddy!
Since we made it just in time for the sun to drop, our hike down was almost totally in the dark.  However, the first few rounds of switchbacks were still lit up by the lingering sunset.  Every turn was lit up slightly different than the last.  It was stunning.
We do a lot of driving.  The rig is a stick shift, and Madison hasn’t learned how to drive it yet.  So I get stuck driving the whole time.  Her excuse is that she has to be available to always cuddle the kitty as we drive!  Does that look like cuddling to you, though!?
Before the mountainous region of northern California and Oregon, we had to brave the desert of Utah and Southern California.
This little nook was once an indian dwelling.  It was a really nice spot!  I can’t imagine having such a prime piece of property!
It is in these moments when Madison and I pause and say, “Can you believe that we are doing this?  It just doesn’t feel like real life!”  We feel so blessed that we can enjoy such beautiful places together!