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Farm to Feet



Trudging in the cold mud to reach the next mile marker or training in the snow to beat their time, they are the dedicated enthusiasts. We selected these six  socks for the fearless adventurer in your life.

Damascus Lightweight Technical Crew $ 22.50

for the man who can't wait to trek through a foot of snow

He never ceases to find a trail that doesn't challenge him, rising to each new occasion. Our most well-loved performance sock, the Damascus lightweight crew, will be his new favorite pair because it offers our most advanced features and a fine-tuned blend of cushioning and ventilation. When he takes off for the next adventure, you'll know he's trekking in comfort!

Max Patch Lightweight Technical 3/4 Crew $ 22.50

for the climber who always imagines a taller summit

She's the one you look to when you're unsure of the adventures ahead, the fearless compass in your life. When she needs a sock this season for her next climb, you'll be able to give back with the Max Patch. This technical three-quarter crew isn't just the support she needs for the tough terrain, it also features an infinite loop of a mountain design around the ankle. Check out the different color options on our website!

Elkin Valley Lightweight Technical Crew $ 22.50

for the only friend you'd ever spend hours with training

You're not sure how you could possibly get through those last, grueling miles without her endless spirit and optimism. She's the only friend you could spend those long hours with on the trail and, she deserves a sock to match her dedication! The Elkin Valley technical lightweight crew is designed to represent the 2,000 ft. elevation decline on that part of the Mountains-to-Sea Trail, and is perfectly crafted with targeted cushioning zones and a seamless toe closure for all day trail comfort.

Damascus Lightweight Technical Crew $ 22.50

for the runner who just hit a PR on her fourth marathon

Each time she goes for a run, she leaves everything on the trail. Celebrate her hard work and new personal record with the Damascus lightweight crew. She'll love the support this sock gives with its amazing next-to-skin comfort, natural moisture wicking, and targeted cushioning zones which are ideal for training days and race-day alike!

Max Patch Lightweight Technical 3/4 Crew $ 22.50

for the guy who would rather be hiking than eating pumpkin pie

Before anyone else wakes up, he's hiking to catch the panoramic sunrise in the morning, he can't stop thinking about how good it feels to breathe the fresh air of the trail. For the ultimate trail enthusiast, who drools over a beautiful summit and skips the pie, the Max Patch is the perfect performance sock. Part of our Appalachian Trail collection, the Max Patch three-quarter crew has targeted cushioning and reinforcement zones for superior comfort and durability, and a mountain design to reflect his love of the trail.

Harpers Ferry Lightweight Technical 3/4 Crew $ 22.50

for that someone in your life who trains so hard they have holes in their socks

Although he's always training, it's been years since he's bought a new pair, holding on to his favorite tried and true socks until they're full of holes. This season, give him the Harpers Ferry, a three-quarter crew, created for the town of the same name which is home to the Appalachian Trail Conservancy. Just like his well-worn socks, he'll be hooked on the simplicity and durability of the Harpers Ferry, and can trust that his new pair will be helping to support the future of the trails he loves.