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What Day Is It Again?

What Day Is It Again?

It’s safe to say that your days are probably blending together much like ours are. As we all know by now, getting outside does wonders for our mental health, but we need to make sure we’re taking precautions to keep ourselves and our community safe when we do so. Here’s some tips from across the outdoor industry for maintaining our spirit while social distancing.

1. Here are the guidelines from Outdoor Alliance that we’re using to get outside in a responsible way:


And let’s be honest, even if we get outside once or twice a day for a (safe) walk
around the neighborhood or a family bike ride, we’ve got LOTS of time at home to inspect our gear & plan ahead for outdoor trips.

2. We're using all this time at home to organize & fix our gear:
  • Repair broken tent poles
  • Patch that rip in your puffy from this winter
  • Learn to fix your bike
  • Make a DIY cleaner for your yoga mat
  • Condition your leather boots
  • Find that leak in your sleeping pad
Our friends at REI have compiled this list of 50 ideas (and guides) to get your gear in shape.

3. We’re customizing our First-Aid Kits for when parks and trails reopen.

When the parks and trails do eventually reopen make sure you’re well prepared
with medical supplies for any activity. Here’s a video from Outside Magazine that
can help you customize your kit:

4. We’re throwing a Quarantine Campout to de-stress and bring the outdoors inside.

Pitch a tent in your living room or backyard, maybe grill up some hotdogs &
s’mores. Read a book or watch your favorite movie from the comfort of your
sleeping bag.

Check out how this family enjoyed the peace and quiet of camping out at