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Damascus 3/4 Crew

Trail Lightweight Technical

Our top-of-the-line hiking and backpacking sock, the Damascus features targeted cushioning zones protect your feet during long days on the trail.

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Denver 3/4 Crew

Trail Lightweight Technical

The Denver is versatile with cushioning throughout the foot bottom for amazing comfort, making it the all-purpose sock for exploring diverse communities in the mountains, the city, and everywhere in between.

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Blue Ridge 3/4 Crew

Trail Lightweight Technical

Partnering with Jennifer Pharr Davis, who set a record for through-hiking the Appalachian Trail in 46 days, we designed the Blue Ridge to create awareness for these stunning mountains near her hometown of Asheville, NC.

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Celebrating the American manufacturing tradition, Farm to Feet creates the world’s best socks for everyone to follow their own trail.

Stories from the Supply Trail

Meet the Iron Man

Cliff Cox

Cliff Cox is the plant manager at Chargeurs Wool USA in Jamestown, South Carolina.

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Meet the Poet

Joseph Benson

Joseph Benson is a material handler at yarn supplier Kent Wool in Greenville, South Carolina.

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Meet the Anglers

Ken & Deloris Shumate

Ken & Deloris Shumate work together at Nester Hosiery to produce Farm to Feet® socks in Mount Airy, NC.

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What Folks Are Saying

"For me Farm to Feet is the perfect combination of sustainability, style, performance, and durability. I have never worn socks that have felt so good and felt so good about wearing a pair of socks!"

– Jennifer Pharr Davis
Author, Speaker, National Geographic Adventurer of the Year, Thru-Hiker

"The instant I put a pair of Farm to Feet socks on, I knew they would be a perfect part of my Continental Divide Trail thru-hike. The targeted cushioning zones fit just right on my feet, ensuring that they were the only choice for this long-distance hiker."

– Derick Lugo, AKA Mr. Fabulous
Author, Thru-Hiker